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Hawaii honeymoons - Aloha!
For many years Hawaii has been a prime honeymoon destination.  Hawaii honeymoons are exceptionally romantic - with emerald green mountains, warm crystal clear waters, fine sand beaches, and magnificent scenery. Hawaii is a perfect choice for a romantic honeymoon. Hawaii is a truly captivating place that will enchant you with an unforgettable mix of culture, adventure and fun in the sun. With the average high temperature of 80° in the winter and 87° in the summer and the water temperature at a dependable 72° - 76° it has an almost a perfect climate for honeymoons.

The Hawaiian "aloha spirit" is not just a slogan, it's a lifestyle. From the friendly greetings and smiles on the people you meet, to the beautiful tropical surroundings, the aloha spirit encircles you, making this one of the most romantic destinations in the world for honeymoons. The most beautiful days in your life should be celebrated in the most memorable way. There’s no place like Hawaii, the ultimate in beautiful, romantic, and unusual honeymoon sites - secluded white sand beaches, breathtaking cliffs, or lush tropical gardens - each offer an enchanting setting for an intimate celebration of your life together. Let the "mana" (spiritual energy) of the the sun, the wind, fresh water, ocean and the fragrant tropical flowers & trees bless your union and your honeymoon.